Head prof. dr hab. Edward W. Piotrowski
  1. prof. dr hab. Edward W. Piotrowski
  2. dr Tomasz Czyżycki
  3. dr Elżbieta Majewska
  4. dr Marcin Makowski
Rooms 3043, 3044, 3045
Phones 85 738 - 8343, 8346, 8347
Seminar Wednesday 12:30
Scientific research

Research in the Department of Applied Mathematics is focused on the study of connection between information theory and quantum game theory. Ideas of information theory are investigated in a wide range of classical and quantum models. Among others, we investigate transaction games in which well defined utility function enables to determine the most effective strategies in extreme conditions of deficit of information. Specific utility function (profit, profit intensity) based on the metrics on projective spaces which symmetries are natural among others for market models and the description of quantum systems. The discussed problems are of fundamental nature for both the information theory and description of capital markets. Solutions would permit to recognize the usefulness of measures of information for better understanding of quantum computing processes (quantum computer, quantum cryptography, modeling artificial intelligence in quantum formalism).