Zakład Podstaw Geometrii : Publications

  1. K. Maszkowski, M. Prażmowska, K. Prażmowski
    Configurations representing a skew perspective (2018), (on-line first).
  2. K. Petelczyc, M. Prażmowska, K. Prażmowski, M. Żynel
    Hyperplanes, parallelism and related problems in Veronese spaces
    Turk. J. Math. 42 (2018), no. 3, 1221-1235.
  3. K. Petelczyc, M. Żynel
    Geometry on the lines of spine spaces
    Aequationes Math. 92 (2018), no. 2, 385-400.
  4. M. Prażmowska, K. Prażmowski
    On a class of (15_4 20_3)-configurations reflecting abstract properties of a perspective between tetrahedrons (2018), (on-line first).
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