Czeslaw Bylinski


Czeslaw Bylinski
University of Bialystok
ul. Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 14
15-097 Bialystok

tel: +48 (85) 7457092
fax: +48 (85) 7457073


Phd: Shinshu University, Japan
Thesis: Mizar Codyfication of the Cathegory Theory, September 1998

Master of science in mathematics, Warsaw University, Bialystok Branch,
Thesis: Formal property of Homonymy , 1979

Research interests

I am interested in computer oriented formalization of mathematics, computational linguistic and semantics of programming languages, particularly in proving properties of programs.

My main interest is developing and maintaining of the Mizar System. Since 1978, I am a member of the Mizar Project, the main goal of which is implementation of the Mizar language used for symbolizing (encoding or codyfying) mathematical articles in the form that enables automatic checking of correctness.

My part in Mizar Project contains:
Mizar Articles Stored in Mizar Mathematical Library which is I am the author or coauthor

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