Grzegorz Bancerek

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Wersja polska          Personal information
Associate Professor
Faculty of Computer Science
Bialystok Technical University
ul. Wiejska 45A
15-351 Bialystok
tel: +48 (85) 742 8206
fax: +48 (85) 742 2393
Former JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Information Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Shinshu University
380-8553 Japan
Nagano-ken, Nagano-city
Wakasato 4-17-1
tel: +81 (26) 269 5462
fax: +81 (26) 269 5495
Former Associate Professor
Institute of Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
University of Bialystok
ul. Akademicka 2
15-267 Bialystok
tel: +48 (85) 7457559
fax: +48 (85) 7457073


Master of Mathematics, Warsaw University, Bialystok Branch (now University of Bialystok)
Thesis: ``Mizar as the metalanguage for ZF set theory'', 1990.

Ph.D. (doctorate) in mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences.
Thesis: ``Some uniform algebraic approach to proofs of propositional calculus of intuitionistic logic and fragments of linear logic and corresponding categories'', 1997.

Research interests

I am interested in computer aided formalization of mathematics, text generating and mechanical translation, algebraic approach to categories and logic.

My interest is connected with Mizar project, Japonese Mizar web site, Journal of Formalized Mathematics, and Mizar codification of the theory of continuous lattices.

Curriculum vitae: Awards

Current Teaching: Lectures, Seminars.
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