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Welcome to the panopticum section!

In order to watch the panopticum you need a flash plug-in. These are related to my Phd Thesis:
"Spectral analysis of operators generating irreversible dynamical systems" (Pdf, in Polish, 2814 KB)
Abstract of the thesis (Pdf, in English, 46 KB)
Opinion of D. V. Anosov and A. M. Stepin (Pdf, in Polish and Russian, 1969 KB)

The Buckethandle can be created by drawing semicircles joining the points of the Cantor Middle-Thirds Set in the above presented manner. It is homeomorphic to the inverse limit space of the Tent Map f(x)=1-|2x-1| (or if one prefers the Logistic Map g(x)=4x(1-x)). more info This is the inverse limit space arising from the inverse sequence with a single bondig map of the form f(x)=4 λ x(1-x) where λ is a little to the right from the value
¼ (1+ √ 6 ) ≈ 0.86237 .

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