dr hab. Alina Dobrogowska : Conferences

  1. XII School on Geometry and Physics, Białystok, Poland, Jun 26-30, 2023
    Faculty of Mathematics, University of Białystok (org.)
  2. 15th Symposium on Integrable Systems, Białystok, Poland, Jun 29-30, 2023
    University of Białystok (org.)
  3. A. Dobrogowska¹
    Generalization of the concept of classical r-matrix to Lie algebroids
    15th International Workshop Lie Theory And Its Applications In Physics, Varna, Bulgaria, Jun 19-25, 2023
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (org.)
  4. A. Dobrogowska²
    Second order q-difference equations solvable by factorization method (invited talk)
    XL Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Bialowieża, Poland, Jul 2-8, 2023
    Faculty of Mathematics, University of Białystok (org.)
  • * Presentation
  • ¹ A chairman of a session
  • ² A member of the Organizing Committee
  • ³ Student
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