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Symmetry methods for differential equations and their discretizations

New families of special functions of several variables and their properties

The main goal of the project is to create a Polish - Czech research team what will be profitable for both sides of project. Team created in such way will study new families of special functions and corresponding orthogonal polynomials. The research will focus on open problems in the given field, namely generating functions and orthogonality of associated families of orthogonal polynomials, transformation rules of families of various special functions between each other, comparing of effectiveness of interpolation with various families of special functions, reduction (branching) of the families and corresponding polynomials and connection with reduction of representations of the simple Lie groups.

Each result would be considered with respect to possible application in digital data processing, theory of differential equations and in physics. Among many profits from participation in that project there are for example significant progress in research fields, expected articles in well known international journals and intensification of the international cooperation

Analysis of constructions and structures related to the study of C*-dynamic systems

C*-algebra structures given by relations, spectral and ergodic properties of operators generating dynamic systems

Banach Lie-Poisson spaces, integrable systems, and quantization

Operator algebras generated by dynamical systems: spectral, asymptotic and entropic characteristics

Non-commutative Kahler structures