mgr Elwira Wawreniuk : Publikacje

  1. A. Odzijewicz, A. Sliżewska, E. Wawreniuk
    A family of integrable perturbed Kepler systems (2019), (on-line first).
  2. A. Odzijewicz, E. Wawreniuk
    Coherent state maps for Kummer shapes
    Coherent States and Their Applications, A contemporary panorama (J-P. Antoine, F. Bagarello, J-P. Gazeau Ed(s).), Springer Proceedings in Physics vol. 205, Springer Verlag, 2018, pp. 119-133, (Chapter no 6).
  3. A. Odzijewicz, E. Wawreniuk
    Integrability and correspondence of classical and quantum non-linear three-mode system
    J. Math. Phys. 59 (2018), no. 4, 1-17, (article identifier 043504).
  4. A. Odzijewicz, E. Wawreniuk
    Classical and quantum Kummer shape algebras
    J. Phys. A Math. Theor. 49 (2016), no. 26, 1-33, (article identifier 265202).
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